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Gear Shapers

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Press Brake & Grinding Instructions!

Many products are manufactured by changing sheet metal parts with a series of bends. The press brake is the most basic machine tool used to bend sheet metal. Press brakes gives significant force through mechanical and hydraulic components which shape the sheet metal between a matching punch and die that close together. Most press brake operations are performed manually, which requires proper skill and safety considerations.

The Havir Service Parts No 00 to 125 Power Press Break Instruction Manual includes parts Lists of Air Clutch, Back Gear, Ball Screw and related Parts, Guard for belt, Boister Plate, Brake and Clutch Parts and Photos, Connecting Rods and Related Parts, Counterbalance Parts, Crankshaft, Data related to engineering, flywheel Parts plus Guarantee, Instructions How to Order Parts, Lubricating and Greasing, Legs, Motor Mountings, Numerical Parts Listing and Explanation Ram Parts, Roller Bearings, Single Trip Parts , Spring Clip, Tie Rods, V-Belts.

Gear Grinding Machine Company, TR-9, GG3-30-9, Grinding Instruction & Parts Manual includes General Description, Diamond Pointed Tools Using Tr-9 Trimmer, Checking Trimmer in Square-up Position, Centralizing of Trimmer with Index Had, Setting Side Diamonds, Setting Root Diamond of Trimmer Unit equipped with Knock off Attachment, Setting Root Diamond of Trimmer unit Equipped with Root and Fillet, Setting Trimmer Unit for Height in Relation to Gear to be Ground.